Export page to Open Document format This is the LaTeX preamble I normally use (copying might be easier if you look at the page-source)


The preamble uses a little trick with \ifhtml to help with the generation of SVG-files from the Tikz-images in the file, to convert the .tex into .html and ultimatively into .doc (to send to collaborators for easy correction tracking if they refuse to use SVN).

This means that if you want to use htlatex for typesetting into a .html-file, uncomment \htmltrue, comment \htmlfalse, scud the file at least three times through “htlatex” and then you should have a nice file with svg-images.

If you want a good pdf, use \htmlfalse, “pdflatex” the file at least three times1), and then you get a nice pdf out of it.

To be able to see the SVN-Info in the typeset .pdf, you should remember to set the SVN keywords of the .tex-file!


\ifhtml % In case of web format output...
			pdfauthor={David Haberth\"{u}r},%
% Subversion Information
{$HeadURL: $}
{$LastChangedDate: $}
{$LastChangedRevision: $}
{$LastChangedBy: $}
\fancyfoot[OR]{\tiny \href{\svnkw{HeadURL}}{Revision \svnkw{LastChangedRevision}} --- last commit on \svnkw{LastChangedDate} --- page \thepage}
\fancyfoot[EL]{\tiny page \thepage\ --- \href{\svnkw{HeadURL}}{Revision \svnkw{LastChangedRevision}} --- last commit on \svnkw{LastChangedDate}}
	\subtitle{(SVN-revision: \svnkw{LastChangedRevision}, compiled \today, \thistime)}
\author{David Haberth\"{u}r}
\emph{Did you sort out all todos?}
\section{first section}
\todo{write the document!}\lipsum[1]
\section{second section}
\section{third section}
\bibliography{../references} % since my LaTeX-files sit in folders like p:\#docs\thisdocument\file.tex and the reference.bib is saved in p:\#doc
while ignoring the errors the first two times